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MatiBani means ‘the language of clay’.

Welcome to the world of the studio of MatiBani, where functional ceramic meets artistic expression inspired by traditional motifs of India.

Tejal Mehendale’s work is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India, and she incorporates traditional motifs like mandalas and folk art into her designs. Slip tracing and Mendhi (henna art) are two traditional art forms in India that share similarities in their design and techniques. Both are used to create intricate and detailed designs that are considered a form of body art or decoration.

Slip tracing involves applying a mixture of clay and water, known as slip, to the surface of the pottery, creating intricate designs and patterns. Similarly, Mendhi is a form of body decoration that involves applying a paste made from henna leaves onto the skin in intricate designs, which are left to dry and stain the skin.

The designs in both art forms are often inspired by traditional motifs such as mandalas, flowers, paisley/mangos, and other natural elements. They may also be symmetrical, creating a sense of balance and harmony. Tejal offers her fresh take on these designs, which are then glazed with beautiful colors.

Tejal is constantly experimenting with new glazes and techniques to bring a fresh perspective to her creations. She continues to be inspired by and influenced by traditional art forms. Her dedication to experimentation and incorporation of traditional motifs certainly makes her creations unique and meaningful.

I am having a morning coffee in one of her mugs in Chicago. It’s amazing how a simple mug can hold such special memories and remind us of cherished moments.

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience and appreciation for Tejal’s work.

For more info check out her Instagram page: @matibahi_pottery

Her studio, MatiBani, offers pieces from mugs and bowls to vases and plates, each with its own story to tell. And if you’re feeling creative, join one of Tejal’s workshops and discover the joy of pottery for yourself.

Mātibāni ~ (माटीबानी) – MatiBani means ‘the language of clay’.

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