Larissa Rolley in Bora Bora

World Backup Day

Larissa Rolley in Bora Bora
Larissa in Bora Bora

March 31th is World Backup Day – an annual reminder to all of us to backup and protect our photos, videos and data.  This includes photos on your phone!  If you have ever lost your phone or had a drive fail, you know it can happen, and it is gut-wrenching if you don’t have backups.   Ideally, you want 3 copies, one of those offsite.  For my mac computer I use an automated cloud service called Backblaze that also backs up my external drives, along with Time Machine.  You can check it out here  Backblaze

For my iPhone, rather than relying on icloud, the application I use to manage my backups is called iMazing, and is not only for backups. It is a great solution to browse and transfer photos from an iOS device to mac or PC. Check it out here (special 30% off until April 7):  iMazing

Take some time to consider how you are backing up your computer, your external drives, and your phone. I don’t want you to lose any of your precious memories!  Let me know what your process is, maybe I can improve mine.

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