Timeless, unique, and beguiling pieces of both wearable art and compliments to your home and office.  Creating objects and jewelry feels exactly like playing and discovering new things did as a child.   There is a timeless sense of wonder about bringing abstract concepts, ideas and inner worlds into a tangible form and witnessing how raw materials begin to take a life of their own.  I enjoy experimenting with different materials, learning their language as we spend time together, taking a few risks to see what would happen if…  Taking time to honor and share these observations through making feels not only like magic, but a constant renewal.  My goal is for my work to convey this.

We love the hibiscus calendar, it will brighten each month.

The calendar is gorgeous.  We have you in our hearts all year. – Anne

un magnifique calendrier!  – Gwen

A fantastic calendar displayed prominently on my desk.

Contemplating the floating flowers is the perfect healing. – Lucy

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