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Connecting cultures through events, experiences and workshops that promote travel and creativity.

Travel professional and photographer focused on Chicago and Tahiti.  Based in Chicago, I have been providing custom travel for 15 years with a focus on art, architecture, & street art. 

I spend part of the year in Tahiti since 2010, and work with clients who want to visit the islands, go boating & diving, hiking and more. 

I speak English, French and Italian.

I was born at the World’s Fair with wanderlust in my heart. I am an explorer of all things creative and cultural, a global artist positioned amongst various art forms and cultures falling in love with the people, art, and language wherever she goes. I has lived and worked in the USA, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland, England, Philippines, accumulating some languages along the way. I now divide my time between Chicago and Tahiti and travel to other places. I work across disciplines to feed your wanderlust and connect you to beauty in the world. Through photography, traveling, and meeting people across the world, I hope to share the transformative power of travel from the heart.

As an international photographer, I primarily shoot projects, special events, and the world as I see it. I studied art and photography in Florence, Italy.  I was a wedding photographer for many years in Chicago. I received my MFA from Columbia College and have 8 images installed at Deloitte, as well in other private collections. I use photography to put forth the unspoken story, captured by the lens, of the beauty I see in the world. I have exhibited in France, Italy, USA, and French Polynesia.

Languages are a deep passion for me. I have a bachelor’s degree in French. After living with roommates from Spain, I began to pick up Spanish. While studying art and photography in Italy, I mastered Italian. Then, while cooking on a boat in Greece, I added some Greek to my repertoire.  Now, I create custom travel, events and workshops providing multilingual and cultural experiences.

Combining my passions into a business has allowed me to share my joy with the world. In everything I do, there is a rich experience of evolution that fascinates me. I create and experience the beauty, sensuality, and exquisiteness of the world around me. Most of all, I have fun by sharing, learning, and exchanging with the people I work with.

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