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Festival of the Purau Flower in Tahiti

Happy May!  

I am back from 10 weeks in Tahiti – and while it is great to travel, it is also great to come back. Before I left last week, I was able to do a ‘Festival of the Purau Flower’ or ‘Festival des fleurs de purau’. In Tahitian language, this tree is called the ‘purau’, in Hawaii it is ‘hau’ – it is a wild hibiscus or sea hibiscus. This is a specific hibiscus flower that grows in tropical places often near the water. The tree produces new flowers each day, that start as bright yellow, then more salmon colored, more orange, and finally red. They begin to fall from the tree in the afternoon, and you can often see them floating along the water at sunset. I love the beauty of the light at this time of day and the flowers on the water.

The next time I want hundred and hundreds of flowers! There is a photo below for you so you can see the variation in colors, as we laid out the flowers in woven coconut frond. We then launched this out on the water to an amazing sunset with a pink sky that seemed like an instagram filter.
Enjoy the rest of the week before us!


Larissa Rolley
Travel Consultant & Photographer

Purau flowers on woven palm leaves.
Pink sky at sunset.

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