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My Camera Gear

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The best camera is the one you have with you. Practice is better than the gear.  Cameras today are amazing! You can do a lot with the point and shoot cameras and your phone.  Some of you have asked about the camera gear that I have.  You can see below I have a wide variety!  I also have an iPhone.   I have added a few useful items for traveling for external drives and adaptors for charging.  Love to know what you preferred camera is and what you like to photograph.

Here are some of the cameras I use, depending on the shoot, the trip or the event:

FujiFilm XT3 (love this camera!), this is my main camera for events and portrait sessions.

FujiFilm Xpro-1  You might be able to buy a used one for not much.  This was my first mirror-less camera (I switched from Canon), and I use it now as backup if I need.

Canon Powershot G16 (now replaced by the Canon Powershot G7 Mark II (easy to slip in a pocket and creates a daily video summary).  I take this when I want to to have a camera I can slip in my bag for quick pics of friends

Olympus Waterproof Tough TG-6  – This camera is truly fantastic in or around  the water, great for most snorkeling needs.  Love it!!

Go Pro!! So handy!  but I don’t reach for it often.  Like to use a FreeWell 7-inch dome for under/over images.  (not being made anymore).

External Drives:

When I am traveling, I back up everything from that day onto an external SSD, or solid state drive.  The price is coming down on these and they a lot smaller and lighter weight than other external hard drives.   (Just a note, the SSD are not a good idea for long term archives).  I have the Samsung T5 external 500gb

Travel adaptors are a must for most international travel to be able to use electronics and charge computers, camera batteries, phones, etc.  If you already have one, great!  If not, I recommend purchasing one that has a few usb ports on them to be able to connect several devices at a time, and consider whether you will need use it for a 3-prong plug (a grounded plug), like a computer or not.  If you will be renting a car, it is useful to have a usb car-charger as well.  (FIY, adaptors only adapt the prongs that go into the wall, they do not convert the electricity current. Many devices today automatically adapt to the current, but not all. I have not needed a converter in years.)
International Travel Adapter with 4 usb – adapts from/to multiple countries and has 4 usb ports
Europe Travel Adapter – dedicated 3-prong with 2 usb for charging
Car-adaptor with 3 usb ports:  with multiple usb ports so you and friend can charge at the same time. Good in a Uber too.

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