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Baby Octopus 🐙

On a recent sailing trip in French Polynesia we anchored by late afternoon to enjoy a swim near the reef and then the marvelous sunset in the big open sky and limitless horizon. This time of year is the auspicious breeding and reproductive time for all kinds of animals and sea life.  We had the good fortune to find a few baby octopus and baby squid near the surface of the water by our boat, maybe seeking protection.    As it was getting dark and I would not be able to photograph any of them, I kept one of the tiny octopuses in some water until morning so I could observe her more in daylight.  She was quite active and squirted ink a couple of times. Below is a little video I took before I released her – you can see her changing colors from more red to transparent.  Sooo cute!!
p.s. the video display is probably larger than life – she was about the size of my fingernail.

What fun surprises have you had with animals on a trip?


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