Fall of Icarus

 Fall of Icarus

“Released from limits is the driving motivation for the sensitive conceptual color photography of Sarah Foerster and Larissa Rolley. … Rolley defines the limits of the external world in her revisioning of the myth of Icarus, who soared too close to the sun on his wax wings and fell into the sea. Tradition has it that he drowned, but Rolley allows Icarus to survive his rebellious adventure, taking his place in a luscious grid of sand- and seascapes in which we see his legs and feet blissfully floating in rippling waters under cloud-flocked skies.” (Michael Weinstein, New City free-lance contributor).

The image is read top down somewhat from the perspective of Icarus, the first row is the lovely flying at the beginning, the second row we see the issue of the heat of the sun and the feathers, falling in the ocean, then seeing Icarus floating in the ocean, the feathers have come off in the heat and are floating in the ocean as well, and finally the feathers washing ashore, and the footprints of Icarus who has walked away.

Composed of 30 images to create a grid about 11 feet tall.

Fall of Icarus

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