Welcome to Travel Dreams – Vision Board Workshop!

 Welcome all travelers, wanderlusters, voyagers!

If you’re tired of simply dreaming and are ready to start traveling but you don’t even know how to make those dreams a reality, join me to learn the powerful tool that has helped me to be a world traveler!


Guess what! You already have step one completed. In order to create and manifest the travel and adventure youd like to see in your life, it starts by daydreaming and fantasizing. We will be up-leveling those by getting even more specific about your dream destinations and how you imagine you’ll feel once there.

The next step is the powerful tool I have to MANIFEST, BELIEVE and FOLLOW THROUGH with what your heart truly desires!




ou may have heard about the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts create your reality. Visualization helps your mind register images and the feelings associated with them. It’s like super-sizing. Olympic athletes having been doing this for a long time. So have the most successful people in the world. It works. We are going to apply this to your travel goals.

If you trip on “yeah, but how?” every time you imagine your dream destination(s), your mind needs a more refined focused. Giving it an opportunity to serve in its greatest capacity rather than holding you back is what this workshop is all about.

I can tell you that from my own experience, vision boards work!

But my board is as unique to me as ours will be to you. I have board in a place in my home I can see it often. I like to look at it and try to figure out what is the next destination I will have the chance to visit. It is really positive process. With each destination I make a reality, I become more confident in my ability, I trust myself more, and then start building on my strengths which open the flow to even more exciting dreams. My board is ever evolving. Yours will be, too!

These are just few of the benefits you can get from creating your own travel vision board:

  • The board will make you smile every time you look at it
  • Will help you clarify your travel wishes so you can really focus what is significant to you, maybe it is specific destinations, maybe it is a feeling of exploration
  • Will keep you inspired and push you to start planning
  • Will keep you focused and positive



  • With a little creative love and a lot of traveling advice, I’d love to create a space to help you create your very own unique vision board for your travel dreams, filled with words and images that speak to your wanderlust soul.
  • No more putting off the desires of your wanderlust heart. Let’s get clear on what you really want out of traveling.
  • Let’s take our wildest travel dreams and desires and make them as tangible as possible.

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Who is someone you know that has travel dreams waiting to become a reality? Creating is always more fun with a friend, so invite them, too!


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