Tour Services

Living in Chicago and being fluent in several languages, I have adopted a role as an international tour guide, concierge, trainer and interpreter for global travelers visiting the city.  I have degree in French, I lived in Italy for 2 years studying art and photography, and added on Spanish and Greek in my travels as well, studying at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Madrid, and the Hellenic Cultural Centre in Ikaria. My specialities include: city highlight tours, architecture tours, Street Art/Murals, and Photography walks.

Some of my clients and people I have worked with include the Italian Trade Commission, Barilla, Unilever, Fondazione Milano per la Scala, Maison des Architectes, Senateur Cambon, Elpen Greece, Clover Travel Rome

If you are looking to work with someone who:

  • values discretion

  • is culturally articulate and diverse

  • pays attention to details and is committed to a seamless flow of experience

  • actively participates in creating experiential memories

  • is engaging

  • skilled in multiple languages and cultures

  • integrates cultural and societal differences with the synergy of strengths from the diversity

you have come to the right place. I take my job seriously while maintaining a sense of lightness with my clients in order to create a comfortable environments for them to experience my community more fully. To discuss previous clients and events I have served, if you would like to inquire about my services, or maybe you would like to develop a custom itinerary, please contact me here.




De retour de ce beau voyage, la tête encore un peu embrumée mais pleine d’images.

Notre groupe a été unanime sur la qualité de l’organisation avec une mention particulière à Larissa qui a vraiment été une excellente guide, très présente, à l’écoute, efficace et compétente.

J’espère que nous aurons l’occasion de collaborer à nouveau à l’occasion d’un prochain voyage.


Dear Larissa,

Many thanks indeed for your great organization and your visit of Chicago over the last days.  It has been a pleasure to meet you.  You will remain for all of us the smile of Chicago. Best to you and all the best.

– Thomas (Paris)


Ciao Larissa,

Come sempre vogliamo ringraziareti per il bellissimo viaggio. I posti visti sono stati molto belli ed interessanti e vogliamo esprimere tutta la nostra gratidutine per la meravigliosa esperienza che ci ha permesso di scoprire Chicago e New York.
In più voglio ringraziare te per la tua gentilezza….
A presto, spero.
Buona giornata

Grazie per la gentilezza, la competenza e la grande disponibilità – Monica

Sei stata unica!  Grazie di tutto – Marina da Capri