Larissa Rolley is a photographer and certified drone pilot dividing her time between Chicago and Tahiti.
Here are a few videos to various films she has been involved in.

  1. Targa Florio – Sicily
    Promotional video for a local DMC about the famous historical route called the ‘Targa Florio’ in Sicily. Director/drone/video editor

2. Ensemble avec Distance (Together with Distance) – French Polynesia
This short film, inspired by events during the pandemic, speaks to social distancing and how we were still together, even when separated. ‘Together With Distance’ explores through dance the social distancing measures we had to adopt and how we still remained connected. And in the end, the power of touch we all craved.

Choreographer: Elise Blondiaux
Dancers: Elise Blondiaux, Delphine Hasperue
Videographer: Larissa Rolley
Singer: Branda Atae-Hoffman

3. We Witness
We Witness is a documentary that aired on WTTW and focuses on disparities in life opportunities and resources among Chicago neighborhoods, following community reaction to a mural that presents data comparing the disinvested Garfield Park neighborhood with more affluent areas. Interviews with residents, business owners, civic and faith leaders, and experts provide commentary and historical context.

4. Light Installation for BOA Urban Buffet. Some drone night footage shows the installation with the city of Chicago as a backdrop.

4. Upstate New York Community Displays Enormous American Flag for Independence Day. A community event that has become a tradition.

5. Chicago, IL

6. Eastern Shore, Virginia including Tangier Island and Chincoteague

7. Sicily, Italy

8. French Polynesia