My Conversation with Kobra

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A couple of weeks ago, Chicago was lucky to have Eduardo Kobra here for the dedication of his Muddy Waters mural, thanks to Beauty & Brawn Gallery and WAC. Taking advantage of his time here, he painted a new mural of Vivian Maier, the street photographer. Again, thanks to Beauty & Brawn Gallery for curating this!  I was lucky to be able to meet up with him one afternoon and have a short conversation, which I have transcribed below to English.  … Read More

July – Embellishment of Life

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Embellishment of Life for the month of July. The July hibiscus flowers – its colors are an embellishment of life. 5×7 pdf download for you to print French/Tahitian Version – click here to save and print –>   juillet 2017 Hibiscus English Version – click here to save and print –>  June 2017 Hibiscus

Greek Film – Notias/Νοτιάς

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I saw the Greek film “Notias” (Southern Wind, also called Mythopathy) a few weeks ago at the European Film festival in Chicago, by Tassos Boulmetis, the same director as ‘“A Touch of Spice” (Politiki Kouzina).  I was charmed by this movie. It is imaginative, funny, and historical as it blends history and myths with day to day events as only the Greeks can do. ‘Once upon a time’…. as the tagline begins. The main character weaves in the Greek myths he knows to the … Read More

June – Strength in Lightness – hibiscus calendar

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Strength in Lightness for the month of June This hibiscus flower calls us to reflect on the beauty around us.   5×7 pdf download for you to print French/Tahitian Version – click here to save and print –>  Juin francais Hibiscus English Version(shown in above image) – click here to save and print –>   June English Hibiscus

May – Tropical Beauty – free download

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Tropical Beauty for the month of May This hibiscus flower only lasts one day, falling from the tree in the afternoon as it changes color from yellow to salmon to red. 5×7 pdf download for you to print French/Tahitian Version – click here to save and print –>  French May Hibiscus English Version(shown in above image) – click here to save and print –> English May Hibiscus

2017 Hibiscus Desktop Calendar

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2017 Hibiscus Desktop Calendar  My tropical 2017 hibiscus art calendar is filled with a year’s worth of gorgeous photographs of hibiscus flowers floating on the waters of the lagoon or on the black sands of Tahiti. Version francaise/tahitienne en vente : en ligne cliquez ici: Calendrier 2017 Purau ou Librairie Odyssey à Papeete Librairie Archipels Tahiti Librairie de l’Eglise Protestante Maohi English Version – No longer available. 

2017 Calendar Hibiscus Purau – Fare Ma’ohi sur Polynésie 1ère

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Exciting to able to present my calendar and some of my new clothing that feature my hibiscus photos on the local TV show that was broadcast live today at noon.  The show is called Fare Ma’ohi, and today they are featuring various artists and artisans. Here is the replay of the show on the internet, and I am invited on  starting around 47min. (no English subtitles, in French and Tahitian) Fare Ma’ohi,152502296.html It was a lot of fun!! Thanks … Read More

Weaving Palm Leaves – Fakarava, French Polynesia

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Always Something Beautiful to Discover A little trip over to French Polynesia on the island of Fakarava – a Unesco Bio-sphere Reserve – famous for its shark wall that the divers love to see. But how many of you really know what goes into to create the thatched roofs so famous here in the South Pacific? I created this video using the new Pearl App for iphone with photos I took there.  When I was visiting the island, I learned how to braid/weave … Read More

What is your favorite fairytale today?

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What is your favorite fairytale today? “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” ―Albert Einstein, who was born on this day in 1879    

Necklace Pech Merle

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I am excited to share with you a couple of porcelain necklaces inspired by the imagery of the Pech Merle prehistoric caves in France.  The handprint stencil appears numerous times in the caves in black and red tones.  I have included one image here of hands. You can read more about the caves at their site and see images of the famous spotted horses:  

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