Always follow your heart3lg

Always follow your heart.

Follow your heart on exciting adventures. Follow your heart to embody beauty. Follow your heart to leave your mark on this world. Follow your heart to live exquisitely.

LarissaRolleyTravelersManifestoForGlobalSoulsWebI have followed my heart. Through travel, languages, photography, glass and jewelry design, I integrate my passions… for you.  Revel in my acute sense of wonder for life and adventurous spirit. Utilize my ability to improvise and meet unexpected events with clarity of mind, open heart, and willingness to find a solution.

To inspire your wanderlust as a global soul and to visualize more travel in your life… check out my Travel Planner Wheel –  the seasons line up with months – there is a version for the northern hemisphere and one for the southern hemisphere. You can see them below.

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Sourires, Soleil et Amitié (that means Smiles, Sun, and Friendship for my American readers)


Travel Planner Wheel

Travel Planner Wheels – for the Southern Hemisphere, and the Northern Hemisphere!

Larissa Rolley Travel Planner Wheel



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Four Happinesses for the month of August. The August hibiscus flowers – four happinesses show their beauty to you this month floating on a the reflection of the sky above.    This tropical flower only blooms for one day.  In Tahiti, this specific hibiscus flower is called ‘purau’. 5×7 pdf download for you to print of four flowers floating along the water. French/Tahitian Version – click here to save and print –>... Read More

My Conversation with Kobra
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A couple of weeks ago, Chicago was lucky to have Eduardo Kobra here for the dedication of his Muddy Waters mural, thanks to Beauty & Brawn Gallery and WAC. Taking advantage of his time here, he painted a new mural of Vivian Maier, the street photographer. Again, thanks to Beauty & Brawn Gallery for curating this!  I was lucky to be able to meet up with him one afternoon and... Read More