Always follow your heart3lg

Always follow your heart.

Follow your heart on exciting adventures. Follow your heart to embody beauty. Follow your heart to leave your mark on this world. Follow your heart to live exquisitely.

I have followed my heart. Through travel, languages, photography, glass and jewelry design, I integrate my passions… for you.  Revel in my acute sense of wonder for life and adventurous spirit. Utilize my ability to improvise and meet unexpected events with clarity of mind, open heart, and willingness to find a solution.

Join me in one of these to deepen your travel experiences through creativity.



Capturing a Sense of Place

Capturing a Sense of Place

–  28 creative prompts to deepen your travel & creativity with these weekly prompts. You will receive an email each week using my photography as examples with a new prompt.  The prompts are to encourage creative inspiration from your travels or around your neighborhood.  Feel free to create a poem, a dessert, a perfume…..

** I will be offering this for FREE for 28 weeks starting May 1, one prompt per week, with additional videos in a facebook group & email. **

Join us & share on Instagram @capturingasenseofplace – you can see photos, videos, illustrations & hear some short excerpts of the oud.
More in depth inspiration will be sent by email – join the fun here ⇒  Capturing a Sense of Place





I liked sharing with a small group of other participants and getting their feedback and looked forward to seeing other entries on the subject. It expanded my group of followers!! It made me look at photos that I had passed up prior as not-post-worthy but became so when put in the frame of the daily subject challenge. I also had a blast doing it. I had never done anything like this before. – Linda 





I enjoyed most having a group in place with which to share. That support gave an energy to the process, making me look forward to the upcoming tasks. Inclusion of other media like sound was also a nice element.  – Rob



I really enjoyed the challenge.  I’m relatively new to regular posting on Instagram.  My photos are taken on an iPhone and I’m still relatively new at anything but basic shots.  I noticed I tended to think a bit more out of box and consider older photos too which I had long ago buried. It challenged me to look back at old work and see changes.   

– Karen





Travel Vision Board


Travel Vision Board

Do you want more travel in your life? Dreaming of travel?  Doing a travel vision board together is fun way to manifest your travel dreams.

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Travelers Manifesto & Travel Planner Wheel


Travelers Manifesto & Travel Planner Wheel

To inspire your wanderlust as a global soul and to visualize more travel in your life… check out my Travel Planner Wheel –  the seasons line up with months – there is a version for the northern hemisphere and one for the southern hemisphere. You can see them below.

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Sourires, Soleil et Amitié (that means Smiles, Sun, and Friendship for my American readers)


Travel Planner Wheel

Travel Planner Wheels – for the Southern Hemisphere, and the Northern Hemisphere!

Larissa Rolley Travel Planner Wheel



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